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multivers3D brings you Cicada : web 3D middleware

Cicada: multivers3D release candidat 1 (version 1.1.3)
 web 3.0 middleware
 cross-platform and standardized 3D
 zero-install, zero-plugin
 performant, evolutive and secured
Today, most 3D video games and softwares are written, compiled, tested, shared and setup each time there is a modification or an addition. Imagine you can drasticly reduce this time consuming process while keeping the 3D magic: you get Cicada, the web 3D middleware!

Cicada is written with W3C standards and uses only open source technologies to provide a true cross platform,  zero plugin, zero-download and zero-install solution that let you jump right into your 3D game & app via a compatible web browser.

Furthermore, Cicada includes rich services to create or improve your 3D applications never seen before:
You don't have to learn complex programming languages like c/c++ nor set up an expensive environment to write your game or your 3D app, you just need to know 1 programming language and use 1 supported web browser to get you started.

Cicada runs like a website on all WebGL supported web browsers (Google Chrome, Modzilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer)

The developers, the graphic artists and the scenarists can collaborate from a different locations and different platforms and share their updates with the users instantly.
Your 3D game is personalised on the fly. Imagine a player has satisfied a unique mission in your game, you could create a special 3D object or scene and send it to him/her live like you wil send an IM.
Your 3D game & app interact directly with web technologies to leverage existing web 1.0 and 2.0 assets: web pages, ecommerce, catalogues, forums, galleries, messenger, music, videos, DHTML, flash, emails, plugins and more. Note: bidirectional interactions from 2D to 3D and from 3D to 2D.
You don't need to compile and deploy large files before you can develop or test your 3D game & app. Changes are availables as soon as the code is saved.
Your 3D game & app is downloaded and cached on the user system to improve performance. Plus, all your game/app assets are downloaded one-by-one when needed and not shared in 1 bundled file as before
No need to have multiple servers nor technologies to host your multiplayer 3D games & apps, websites and messaging solutions. You only need 1 multivers3D server to do it!
For more than 15 years, multivers3D build and improve Cicada. Today,  the system is approved and recognized for its necessity and robustness by worldwide experts and users.  Cicada is that powerful, because it organizes very well the work of hundreds/thousands of artists, developers, engineers architects and testers from the Open Source community.

The time and cost to develop, test, launch and maintain your 3D game & app can be cut up to 90%, what will you do with that extra time and money?    
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