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The mutlivers3D technic, the web 3.0 and the Open Source world

 Unified functions
 Dynamic functions
 The Open Source world
 15 years worth of development
For more than 15 years, multivers3D is developing Cicada: the web 3.0 middleware (computer systems) with 3D dynamic and unified features. Cicada is used by everyone needed in the production of quality video games or 3D Internet softwares: the web 3.0 technology.

Here are some of the benefits brought by the unified and the dynamic technic:
Unifyed Functions
  • The work can be simultaneously done on multiple platforms
  • One single programming language is used
  • One interface to manage it all vai a web browser
  • Scripts are published and managed in a centralized fashion
  • Ecommerce and web 2.0 content integration
  • Development and maintenance processes integrated
Dynamic Functions (real time 3D)
  • Additions and modifications are available instantly
  • Live personalization and direct rewards
  • Secured and specialized webGL scripting engine
  • Live scientific simulation
  • Adaptive Artificial Intelligence (AAI)Web 2.0 Communication tools (messenger, stored messages, forums)
  • Live monitoring and statistics
The Open Sources world: in addition to our middleware, our processes and technics integrates mostly Open Source technologies (98%) . The Open Source technologies are awesome: they are robust and they are at the technological landssape fore front while being free of charge.

At a glance, multivers3D uses Open Source solutions in more than 99% of its IT services to:
  • integrate with the webGL technology
  • develop its 3D models
  • create the development, testing and production environments
  • edit its animations and its 3D models
  • edit and create images, music and special effects
  • automate find technical expertise
  • communicate securely on the internet (VOIP)
  • research and development unique technical solutions (3D stereoscopic)
Thanks to this innovative set of middleware and open source solutions, we have reduce exponentially our production costs, while increasing the quality and providing new services for interoperability.
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