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Cicada 1.3.1 : web 3.0 services bundled into a middleware

Cicada: multivers3D release candidat 1 (version 1.1.3)
 manage interactive 2D & 3D content
 web 3.0 gaming engine
 messaging system
 performant, flexible and secured
Cicada 1.3.1 bundles great new services for the production of quality web 3.0 solutions.
Dynamic content: in top of the interactive features, the dynamic content has the ability to be independent of time and its environment. Cicada can manage any type of 2D & 3D dynamic content directly online and without plugin nor installation. you have the ability to edit and share text, images, code, videos, music, 3D objects, and any other important documents. More than 70 file formats are compatible with Cicada to help  enhance your information and get full power to its dynamic abilities.
Web 3.0 video games creation: Cicada was built primarily to produce video games in the web 3.0 format. The web 3.0 video game industry is new and today rare are the game engines on the market that have all of the requirements to produce top quality video game in the web 3.0 format. Cicada is the only known middleware that provides a full service: scripts and lazy loaders, native libraries, state control management, game engine, online scripts management, multiplayer functions, version control, encryption, colision, physics and poses engine, SSO integration, VR and gamepads compatible libraries, interfacing game controls, web 2.0 integration libraries, live statistics, criteria engine, shader toys integration, shader management, caching engine, postprocessing manager, APIs creator, objects editor, criteria manager, multimedia integration and more... This service bundle brings the gaming production to the quality worthy of any AAA video games.
Messagery: the power of information comes mostly from its temporal criterion . Cicada incorporates an internal messaging service to materialize your messages in the combined form of an HTML5 and CSS3 email, an instant message and a stocked message. This service set allows to share information at the moment of its creation to increase its sharing quality and thereby improve communication.
Monitoring : the Monitoring service gives you detailed live reports about your web 3.0 solution. In case a user encounters difficulties, in addition to viewing the user virtual click path or footprint, you can intervene live with the Messenger service dynamic functions. Thereby, you have all important information about your application or your video games usage at the right moment combined with the tools to turn your visitors into real users.
Dynamic Banners: Create and share your content in the shape of rich 3D and 2D rotating banners. Any web 3.0 element can be included. You can use multiple banners on the same page and you can customize directly the online formatting, the presentation time, the transition types, the durations and navigation in its entirety. You can even use  banners in a popup while loading your app or while loading your video game.
Security: because of its dynamic features, its efficiency, the addition of the 3rd dimension and its interactions, the web 3.0 is really powerful. However, like any virtual entity, by default, it has an Achilles' heel: the intrensect and public aspect of its scripts. Cicada was developed primarily to overcome these problems through the use of multiple protection layers; via encryption, ofuscations, a ticket service, an elaborate authentication schema and many proprietary layers we shall not disclose. Knowing that dynamic environments are constantly changing, all of these combined layers guaranty a near to invulnerable system. The security service provided by Cicada transforms the web 3.0 Achilles' heel into a well prized industry differentiator.
Instant coding: the web 3.0 services and functions are mainly available via the code that brings them to life. This code is materialized in the form of scripts. Thus, it has became crutial to be able to manage these scripts in a flexible, efficient and secured fashion. Cicada gives you the tools to create and edit your web 3.0 scripts directly online. In addition, you can use the push features to share a script at the very moment it is validated; in the manner of an IM, but instead of sending a smiley to your contact, you share your code instantly.
Messenger : Cicada integrates an Instant Messenger (IM) in HTML5 and CSS3 format compatible with the international web standards (W3C). Discuss live on the public channel or invite someone to talk privately. When the IM function is coupled with the Live Monitoring service, you can intervene with your users (anonymous and recognized) in order to give them advice online. If the person you are calling is not online, the messenger integrates the Messaging service to communicate in an offline fashion.
Users: Cicada uses a database to manage your users and players. Only one simple registration step is required to get access to all web 3.0 services and features. When this service is coupled with the Security and the  Ecommerce services, it allows individual permissions to access free or payed functions. This service is also very useful for creating mail merged digital campaigns, where you have more than 50 fields available to publish personalized emails.
Cloud : the cloud service is compatible with more than 70 file types for management and publishing purposes into web 3.0 content (pages, scripts, 3D objects, banners, messages). Drag your files directly from your computer local folder and upload them to the desired virtual folder. Then, these files can be used for publishing on your internet or extranet website. Your users also have a limited version of the Cloud service to give them the ability to create posts and pages with rich and varied multimedia content.
Search engine compatibility: the web 3.0 services and functions redefine the structure of your content in such a way which makes it inconpréhensible to the search engines. Cicada knows automatically if these requests are made by a search engine robot spider and translates the web 3.0 content into a format compatible with 99.99% of all search engines. In addition, Cicada lets you visualize how these spiders have parsed your website and thereby proactively intervene if necessary.
Ecommerce : Cicada offers the first web 3.0 Ecommerce service on the market. Publish and sell your products and services with the new possibilities brought by the addition of the 3rd dimension. Import your products in your catalogs via the XML importer, use the command chain and let your clients buy your products and services directly from your video game or directly from your 3D application. Manage orders and communicate their states with your customers via the integrated Messaging service. View problems live with the Monitoring service and intercept potential buyers before they lose their interests via the Messenger service. In summary, Cicada opens a new ecommerce world frontier to do real business online.
Native librairies : Cicada embarks native web 3.0 code libraries bundled into sets of APIs, libraries and classes. With these sets you can build a web 3.0 solution starting with a strong base rather than starting from nothing (over 15 years of expertise). You will find libraries to help developing a web 3.0 website, a web 3.0 video game or any online 3D application. Here are some important libraries that you can use or customize: scripts and assets classes loaders, helpers classes for 3D and 2D works, controls and interactions classes, libraries for game colisions and detections and physics, the push & pull API, the 3D & 2D objects APIs, the security classes (encryption and ofuscation), libraries to debug and monitor code, classes to interface the IM, the connections, the blog, the forums and the windows service, and more...
Digital campaign: the digital campaign service let you manage and send HTML5 and CSS3 emails to over 100K people at once. You have the option to use the mail merge, the optout, the signing and view online functions. On top of the live monitoring service, all your digital campaigns integrate statistical reports for evaluation and improvement purposes (opening counts, the clicks throught, percentages and ratios and more...)
Forum : the Forum service is a true Web 3.0 technology jewel that integrates instant messaging which alerts you when a pertinent message is created. You can subscribe to a message or a whole chanel and thereby stay informed. Log in and get access to secured messages posted on the extranet. Post rich text messages, programming code, photos, videos, music, 3D and HTML5 and CSS3 objects.
Blog: the Blog service is similar to the Forum service, but in a simplified and independent version. It also integrates the messaging service and it can be used in secure mode to create elaborate extranets. The blog service is by default linked to each user profile and it requires no complex configuration prior  first use. You must have a multivers3D account to start blogging.
Versions control: Cicada includes an online Versions control service for your scripts. You can archive an infinite number of versions of your web 3.0 solutions in a compiled, compressed and encrypted format. Once your video game or web 3.0 application are in production you can make live updates without affecting the user experience and thereby increase quality in long-term. In addition, Cicada uses checkin & checkout functions to avoid conflicts in updates and keep a detailed log that accompanies each major release. Note this service uses the Messaging service to communicate all live updates.
Performance : Cicada uses an elaborate Caching (buffers) and Compressing engine to increase the delivery performance of your web 3.0 content. Cicada buffers multiple objects to gain performance: overall site  structure, pages, sections, scripts, content templates, email templates and layout and scripts, HTML and CSS images lists (for preloading purposes).  The Cache engine is self-managed by the middleware, but you can clean it when content becomes obsolet or when you want to do global updates. In addition to the performance boost, the Cache functions allow you to make live updates without publishing errors nor problems while working in production.
For more than 15 years, Cicada has been approved and recognized for its efficiency and its robustness. This middleware is powerful, because it remarkably organizes the work of hundreds/thousands of artists, engineers, architects and experts from the open source community.

We would like to thank everyone who participated at, any level whatsoever, to the realization of Cicada and all of multivers3D's web 3.0 video games.
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